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I Need to Breathe

A poignant music video that delves into mental health and self love.


‘I Need to Breathe’ is a decent and commendable work of art brought to life by the talented singer/songwriter Abo Fall. The film tackles the difficult issue of mental health and presents it in a slightly innovative way. Although Abo Fall’s performance is admirable, the low-budget quality of the film is quite evident.

While the minimalist shooting style used in the film, where the majority of the footage is shot in black and white, certainly empowers the darker tone of the narrative, it also weakens certain aspects of the storyline.
The music is the bright spot of the film, bringing forth excellently written compositions that blend well with the film’s theme. The overall message of the film is relevant and potent, especially when it comes to stressing the importance of self-love and promoting hope for individuals dealing with mental health issues.

Nevertheless, despite its strong points, ‘I Need to Breathe’ falls slightly short of being remarkable or exceptional. Overall, it’s a modestly made film with some bright spots, and Abo Fall should be recognized for his efforts in creating a thoughtful and impassioned portrayal of mental health.

I Need to Breathe


Runtime: 8 min

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