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A poetic romance that pays homage to care-free adolescence and love-struck attachment.


Directed by Andrew Diprose, with poetry by Tess Luckman Hansen, ‘Endless’ is a coming-of-age romance film that delves into the glee of a summer romance. Starring Charlie Bynes and Sunuri Chandrani – as an infatuated young couple – the narrative, which is loosely based on the Diprose’s own wide-eyed adolescence, centers around the male protagonist’s carefree courtship and his in-the-moment contemplation. With alluring imagery and introspective poetic verses, the film is certain to charm and reward viewers with recollections of their own by-gone era.

The 3-minute romance explores the merriment of teenage life and love – disregarding the woes of imminent adulthood. The happy-go-lucky theme is illustrated by adventurous imagery of embracement and amusement. Despite having a subtle tone of poignancy – through Bynes’ poetic voice-over – the narrative largely encircles a jovial tone that promotes the idea that our youth is our best days.

Under Andrew Disprose’s direction, Hansen’s intriguing poetry is marvelously brought to life. Charlie Bynes and Sunuri Chandrani live up to the overall theme of love – conveying the dawn of love flawlessly. Joey Knox’s adept cinematography is certain to enchant with his commendable craftsmanship. Sound, post-production ad music is equally commendable. ‘Endless’ pays homage to our untroubled youth, our romantic desires and our negligence to what lies ahead. Highly recommended.

Endless - Short Film


Runtime: 3 min


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