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Fluttering Pages

An endearing love letter to reading.


Directed by Joffrey Jans, from a script by Sebastian Back and Manuel Iljitsch, ‘Fluttering Pages’ is a short film that romanticizes bibliophilia (the love of books). Seductively narrated by Sebastian Back, the tender narrative explores the immersive world of story-telling and the personal gravity it holds with the reader. With alluring cinematography by Daniel Obradovic, this short is bound to enchant, inspire and awaken the reader within us. A compelling love letter to literature that you’ve never seen before.

Throughout the 2-minute short, and running alongside Back’s voice-over, we see a variety of bookworms engrossed in their prose of choice. As the narrator states: “Through the stories of others we experience ourselves” – a psychological and spiritual stimulation that couldn’t be truer. Enriched with idyllic settings from start-to-finish, the overall tone is of serenity, pleasure and joy – exquisitely illustrated during a sunset beach setting. This film acts as the most endearing endorsement for reading that you’ll likely ever come across.

Under Joffrey Jan’s direction, and with arresting wordsmanship by Sebastian Back and Manuel Iljitsch, ‘Fluttering Pages’ is 2-minutes of unashamed pleasure. Together with Back’s gentle vocal tone and Obradovic’s adept camera craftsmanship, this short is destined to strike an emotional chord with the audience – perhaps lighting a flame to the non-reader or the illiterate. Highly recommended.

Fluttering Pages Short Film


Runtime: 2 min

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