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Mind + Body = Self Love

A documentary that explores the transformational effects physical exercise can have with mental illness.


Directed by Attilia, ‘Mind + Body = Self Love’ is a documentary film that explores one man’s battle with depression and CPTSD, and how the power of physical exercise transformed his mental health. The short is entirely filmed using a smartphone and composed of self-taped videos. The film tells the real-life story of Attilia and showcases themes of nature, adventure and mental illness.

The 5-minute documentary opens with Attilia revealing his 2013 admission to a psychiatric facility. Attilia reports about the lack of therapy and fitness at the facility, with the priority of care focusing on medication and regular check-ups. Stemmed from self-confessed vanity, Attilia resorted to physical exercise which resulted in a transformational effect on his psyche. The film educates the viewer about shinrin-yoku – the practice of forest bathing. The term emerged in Japan in the 1980s as a physiological and psychological exercise. Inspired by the practice, Attilia utilizes his physical exercise amongst nature – becoming an avid adventurer and mountain trekker.

High praise to Attilia for producing such an inspirational and motivational video – which will prove to be a benefit to many sufferers of mental illness. His new lease of life will spark encouragement and hope. Despite being a low-budget short with limited production value, the core message alone is paramount to its success. The audience will warm to Attilia’s charm and enthusiasm. A thoughtful film worth watching.

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Runtime: 5 min

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