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A compelling drama that explores inappropriate workplace behavior.


‘Symptomatic’, the short drama film written and directed by Sonia Gumuchian, is a compelling and thought-provoking exploration of the issue of inappropriate workplace behavior. The film centers around Angie, played impeccably by Kate Williamson, who finds herself in a difficult situation when working alongside a “touchy-feely” doctor, portrayed by Drummond Macdougall, who is wildly respected.

Despite dealing with her own heartbreak, Angie is left feeling overwhelmed and conflicted by the doctor’s inappropriate behavior, highlighting the predicament of many women in today’s workplace. The film’s storyline is both emotional and relatable, shedding light on an important issue that has been widely discussed in the #MeToo movement.

The technical aspects of the short film are commendable, with superb cinematography by Andy Hodgson, excellent lighting and sound, and exceptional post-production. The production value is excellent, capturing the film’s emotional depth and tense atmosphere.

Overall, ‘Symptomatic’ is a well-crafted and powerful short film that broaches an important issue with sensitivity and insight. Gumuchian’s writing and direction are impeccable, and the performances by the leading actors bring the characters to life. It is an impactful piece of cinema that is sure to capture the attention of viewers and provide a powerful message about invading boundaries in the workplace. Highly recommended.

Symptomatic Short Film


Runtime: 10 min

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