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A Haunting in Arkansas

An immersive and spine chilling poetic narrative.


Written and directed by Waide Riddle, based upon his hailed poem of the same name, ‘A Haunting in Arkansas’ is an experimental poetry film that explores the eerie wilderness of an isolated forest. Jack Geren stars as the poetic narrator. The 2-minute narrative dissects the chilling setting with a dark and mystifying tone. Riddle’s immersive poetic wordsmanship and blanket linguistics are certain to enchant and chill the viewer.

Throughout the film, which is entirely shot in black and white to enhance trepidation, Geren delivers Riddle’s versus with adept conviction that aids the overall storytelling. Accompanying the dialogue is a sequence of sinister footage of the woodland – which brings to life Riddle’s formidable account. The visuals include; ungodly looking forestry, baleful mist and intimidating wildlife. Michael Crane’s menacing sound and musical composition also plays a pivotal role in crafting the tone.

Under Waide Riddle’s proficient direction and writing, ‘A Haunting in Arkansas’ is sharply crafted from start-to-finish. John Orphan’s cinematography also deserves high praise – an eye-catching watch that is guaranteed to spine-chill. Jack Geren’s poetic delivery is certain to keep viewers engaged – his performance is finely executed without fault or staleness. An unmissable watch. Highly recommended.

A Haunting in Arkansas


Runtime: 2 min

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