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Running Home

A drama that delves into a baseball fan’s mental anguish.


Written and directed by Matteo Cerasuolo, ‘Running Home’ is a short drama film that delves into the mental health of a baseball fanatic. Starring Demarco Mayle as the central character, Jesse, the narrative explores his solitary existence, his deep sorrow and his illusions of a long-held ambition. Matteo Cerasuolo co-stars as Chris – in a brief voice-only role . In spite of the film’s short-lived narrative, with a runtime of 5-minutes, the drama poignantly illustrates its core themes. A respectable watch from start-to-finish.

The film opens with Jesse gearing himself up for a baseball game. As he optimistically takes to the field, positioning himself as the batter, it becomes clear he is playing solo – in spite of his own disturbing make-believe. After completing a home-run, Jesse receives “adulation” from non-existent spectators – highlighting his deranged state of mind. Later, whilst engrossed to a live baseball game on TV, Jesse is invited to play with his friends – of which he rejects – unravelling his social paralysis.

Matteo Cerasuolo has crafted a decent production with neat cinematography, sound and post-production. Under his direction, Demarco Mayle delivers a commendable performance of a fragile soul that will equally touch and perplex the audience. The drama would benefit from further probing of the protagonist’s unexplained mental state – and to conclude with a hopeful, yet realistic resolution. A worthy watch, albeit poignant and somber.

Running Home Short Film


Runtime: 5 min

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