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Come Back

A riveting micro-short that delves into domestic violence.


Written and directed by Roman Duneshenko, ‘Come Back’ is a short drama film that explores one woman’s internal conflict at the hands of her abusive husband. Set entirely in a motel, the fleeting narrative unravels the protagonist’s sense of guilt after fleeing with her young son. Starring Yana Pronina as the central character, the 2-minute awareness film is superbly crafted with stellar technicality and acting delivery. Child actor Lev Grishin co-stars as victim’s son.

Cladded in fresh wounds from mistreatment, with sobering vulnerability, the character grapples with self-doubt over her decision to leave an abusive relationship. As her unworldly son devotes his attention to the cat and mouse chase animation ‘Tom and Jerry’ – which cleverly acts as metaphor to the protagonist’s plight – the anguished woman finds herself bombarded with messages and calls from her violator. Without spoiling the concluding narrative, the micro-short is crafted to help eliminate shame and guilt over a woman’s choice to return to a hostile environment.

Under Duneshenko’s adept direction and Vasily Ivanov’s awe-inspiring cinematography, ‘Come Back’ is a hard-hitting piece of film that is certain to resonate with those in emotionally tangled, albeit treacherous circumstances. Yana Pronina delivers an astonishing portrayal – albeit dialogue-free – of a hesitant victim in the process of finding her eventual refuge. Lev Grishin’s performance as the protagonist’s young son deserves equal merit. Poignantly put, the drama concludes with the statistic that victims will try to flee abusive relationships 7 times prior to permanency. A riveting drama with a salient message. Highly recommended viewing.

Come Back Short Film


Runtime: 2 min

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