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Say the Quiet Part Loud

An experimental drama that explores alcoholism and homelessness.


Directed by Michael P. Fogerty, from a screenplay by Fogerty and Leslie Daniels, ‘Say the Quiet Part Loud’ is an experimental drama film that explores a mentally challenged alcoholic. The short film is a continuation of ‘a Short Story about Kore’ – which is part of a three-episode series. Z. DeWald resumes her portrayal as Kore. The film showcases themes of addiction, mental health, homelessness, survival and isolation. An extraordinary drama which follows a non-linear narrative.

The 24-minute film opens with Kore walking a suburban Arizona street to exchange a free library book. Her appearance is unkept. The short continues at a woodland, where Kore sits drinking amongst the fellow destitute. Kore’s social interaction is non-existent, unlike the others, exposing her troubled mindset. Kore’s poetic skills and articulation is utilized in the following scene, as she sits writing in her tent. A poignant piece of writing and filmmaking, particularly due to Kore’s voice being limited throughout the entire film. Additional scenes showcase her breaking-an-entry into a holiday rental, where she drinks her emotions away.

It is fair to say that ‘Say the Quiet Part Loud’ outshines the first movie – which is equally a remarkable narrative achievement by Michael P. Fogerty and Leslie Daniels. Kore is depicted as a more three-dimensional character this time, with the examination of her thoughts, emotions and showcasing her unpredictable daily voyages. Cinematography, lighting and editing is first-class and delivers a professional finish. Z. DeWald’s performance is highly captivating, empathetic and raw. Highly recommended.

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Runtime: 24 min

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