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hacker: HUNTER – Emotet vs The World Police

A chilling documentary about one of the world’s most dangerous malwares.


Directed by Jessica Benhamou, ‘hacker: HUNTER – Emotet vs The World Police’ is a documentary film that explores the take-down of a cybercriminal gang known as Emotet. The film is part of a wider web-series that focuses on cyber security. The short is constructed of interviews with those involved in the international operation to expose Emotet. We also learn of the detrimental damage they have caused in society.

The 16-minute film opens with an introduction to Emotet. The audience will be startled by the level of sophistication the cybergang utilized to stay under the radar. Emotet operated as a facilitator, rather than committing hacks directly. They have been known to be one of the world’s most dangerous malwares. By relentlessly moving their servers to avoid detection, they became unfeasible to seize. The film reveals some of the destruction caused by Emotet malware, through email viruses – notably with Heise Publishing and a hospital. Finally, after several glitches in their online practices, an international team of cyber police – in cooperation with Europol – tracked down the perpetrators in Ukraine.

Jessica Benhamou and the production team should be commended. This documentary is certain to educate viewers about the dark reality of the internet – and to follow safe online practices – particularly when it comes to malware. The film acts as a deterrent to up-and-coming developers considering criminal activity online – they will eventually be tracked down and penalized. A chilling watch from start to finish. Highly recommended.

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Runtime: 16 min

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