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A comical horror film about an extreme reaction to cure an itch.


Written and directed by Sean Patrick Kelly, ‘Itch’ is a comical horror film that explores a man’s deranged reaction to an uncontrollable itch. The film stars Sean C. Dwyer as John – the central protagonist. Additional cast include Werner Artinger and Leah Radda. ‘Itch’ is a highly amusing comedy that doesn’t shy away from grotesque bloody imagery. The short is influenced by Sam Raimi’s ‘Evil Dead II’ and is inspired by the director’s personal experience with itching.

The 4-minute film opens with John watching a “Scratch-A-Way” lotion commercial on his television. He subsequently uses the lotion on his irritated right hand, before using the bottle itself to strike the discomfort. John retreats to the kitchen, where he uses a scouring pad and a meat tenderizer to cure the itch – ineffectively resulting in bloodshed. Next up – a meat-cleaver.

Visually, the film is professionally shot with high quality cinematography. Lighting, sound, music and editing aid the tone of the horror genre. Dwyer’s delivery as John results in humorous, albeit uncomfortable, viewing from start to finish. Sean Patrick Kelly has created a neat film that will resonate with viewers – perhaps not as extreme. The witty narrative concludes with an amputated hand and a new itch on his left hand. A funny watch throughout. Highly recommended.

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Runtime: 4 min
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