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They Don’t Get It

A drama that explores teenage bulling from both sides.


Written and directed by Scott Douglas Midgett, ‘They Don’t Get It’ is a short drama film that looks at both sides of teenage bullying. Set in an American high school, the film follows the victim – Miah (Naomi Jones), and the persecutor – Taylor (Talia J Williams). Albeit a low budget short, with a limited production value, the film is able to project a solid narrative that explores themes of grief and mental health.

The 16-minute film opens with the school principal informing Miah’s mother about her daughter’s latest altercation with the bully. Her mother’s unfavorable resolve, with physical defense, results in Miah possessing a knife. The audience is then introduced to Taylor, who is grief-stricken after the loss of her mother. Taylor acknowledges her rage and the harmful effects it’s having on others, but she is unenlightened that she is going through an extreme stage of grief. The film concludes with a tragic twist to the narrative.

Scott Douglas Midgett has created an important film that powerfully explores the backstory of a conflict. This drama is eventually about two misunderstood adolescents. Despite fine cinematography throughout, the acting delivery is off-key and wooden. The majority of the cast deliver unconvincing portrayals that may lose audience engagement. With acting aside, the film holds strong with its important subject matter.

They Dont Get It Short Film


Runtime: 16 min

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