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An endearing tale about reconciliation.


Written and directed by Zach Jones, ‘Teddy’ is a short drama film that explores the reconciliation of a fractured friendship. Casey Easton leads the cast as Teddy – a cowboy recluse – with Jessica Heaven as Madds – an old acquaintance of Teddy who emerges to restore their close companionship. Additional cast of the western-themed narrative includes; Storeigh Daniel as Maddie, and Jennifer Osmann as the Mom. An endearing tale with a surprising plot twist.

Throughout the 7-minute drama, Teddy and Madd’s relationships is gently unraveled – their connection is deliberately unclear in order to fuel mystery and speculation. In spite of initial animosity, Madds encourages Teddy to return home. Without spoiling the narrative climax, viewers can expect a sentimental twist with an adolescent underbelly.

Zach Jones has crafted a charming film that doesn’t shy away from saccharine storytelling. The entire cast, particularly Casey Easton, deliver compelling performances that will not disappoint. A deserving nod to the childhood starlet Storeigh Daniel.

The narrative is well orchestrated – poignantly showcasing the contrasting themes of abandonment and unconditional love. Technically, the drama is superbly shot with outstanding cinematography by Kelly Veltri. Sound, post-production and costume design is equally commendable. ‘Teddy’ is a thoroughly enchanting watch. Highly recommended.

Teddy Short Film


Runtime: 7 min
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