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After The Beep

A one-man production that explores a father/son relationship.


Written and directed by Ryan Nunes, ‘After the Beep’ is a short drama film that delves into a young man’s angst as he attempts to make an offer of peace to his estranged father. Throughout the 4-minute narrative, Ryan Nunes portrays the neglected son (Jake) – showcasing alternative emotions from hostile resentment to an unwavering degree of unconditional love.

The entire film, which is largely shot in black and white, follows the protagonist’s repeated attempts to contact his father during the holiday season. His dispirited emotions quickly unravel as he continuously modifies his message. The theme of anxiety and apprehension accelerates during the film’s runtime, suggesting a deep routed betrayal and/or abonnement. The plot doesn’t reveal the origin for the hostility – but divulges that his dad has remarried with children. The film concludes with a transition to color as Jake finally connects with his father. A poignant tale that will resonate with many, especially during festivities.

Ryan Nunes has crafted a touching one-man-film that highlights emotional trepidation in the human psyche. In spite of the film’s simplistic structure, the allure is within the adept characterization – which leaves the audience curiously empathetic.

Technically, the film is neatly shot with tasteful cinematography that aids the somber tone. Sound, post-production and the musical soundtrack are equally well orchestrated. Ryan Nunes delivers an outstanding acting performance from start-to-finish as he flawlessly showcases emotional complexity and unnerving behavior. A competent production that shouldn’t be overlooked. Highly recommended.

After the Beep


Runtime: 4 min

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