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Something Wicked Dwells

A chilling poetic tale of trepidation with gothic artistry.


Written and directed by Waide Riddle, ‘Something Wicked Dwells’ is an experimental horror film that delves into the looming torture of four shackled prisons. Constructed of black and white gothic photography by Jay R. Lawton, and based on Riddle’s poem, the visual poetry omits all verbal character dialogue and explores themes of religion and trepidation. The narrative is aided by on-screen-text of the poetic versus. A captivating watch with highly artistic, albeit exposing imagery.

Throughout the 7-minute film, Riddle’s poetic narrative is accompanied with illustrative imagery of terror and vulnerability – showcasing the four undressed protagonists waiting for their unnerving fate. Set in an ancient dungeon, the convicts hopelessly beg for mercy from their deceased master, the Beast, as they await fatal punishment. A chilling tale of torment with blood-curling religious connotations.

Waide Riddle, with Jay R. Lawton’s photographic collaboration, has crafted a gripping piece of filmmaking with adept craftmanship all round. Bill Oberst Jr, Troy Mittleider, CJ Brady and Fabian Alomar (the photographic subjects) deliver compelling performances that not only give life to Riddle’s text, but generate a sinister intensity that would otherwise be out-of-sight. The use of black and white imagery, with an eerie accompanying soundtrack, does justice to the overall narrative theme of trepidation. An unnerving watch that shouldn’t be overlooked. Highly recommended.

Something Wicked Dwells Short Film


Runtime: 7 min

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