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We Glow in the Dark

A coming-of-age tale that explores sexuality, identity and family drama.


Written and directed by Jacob Jørgensen, ‘We Glow in the Dark’ is a short drama film that explores the personal challenges of a group of young adults. Set in Denmark and in the Danish language (with English subtitles), the narrative delves into themes of friendship, abandonment, sexuality and family-related tension. The ensemble cast is made up of Clint Junior (William), Jacob S. Andersen (Thomas), Ingrid Haugbølle (Ida) and Mette Moulton Hansen (Emma). A poignant, albeit lively coming-of-age tale with an underlying premise of teenage identity.

Throughout the 24-minute film, the four central characters and their individual adversities are explored whilst on a merrymaking camping trip. William, an adoptee, is faced with being erased by his family. Thomas endures his father’s homophobia – which has recently dismantled a relationship with Gustav (Mathias Hans Ove Johanning). Ida and Emma both struggle with their bisexuality as the drama delves into their tempestuous courtship. In spite of their stumbling blocks, the close friendship group provides them with the unconditional love they desperate crave.

Under Jacob Jørgensen’s exemplary direction, with steller widescreen cinematography by Emil Leschly Larsen, the craftsmanship from the entire cast and crew is awe-inspiring. The narrative is neatly constructed with an authentic fly-on-the-wall style atmosphere – as if the viewer is peaking into intimate conversations. Despite the occasional somber tone, the film manages to gage the right balance of humor and boisterousness with anguish and melancholy. Post-production and sound is of a cinematic standard that will keeping viewers engaged and entertained. Highly recommended.

We Glow in the Dark Short Film


Runtime: 24 min
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