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The Associate

A gripping thriller that explores the extremities of technology and surveillance.


Directed by Mike Wenderlich, from a screenplay by Brian Lattanzi, ‘The Associate’ is a short thriller that follows a disgruntled employee of “The Association” – a communication and surveillance company. Hunter Kohl leads the cast as Matthew McGold. Matthew aspires for a new life outwith “The Association”, but his discovery of their latest technology venture leads to an international privacy conspiracy. Additional cast include Matthew Rydzewski as Mr. Shephard (Matthew’s boss) and Marsha St. Julien as Frieda (Matthew’s roommate). The film explores themes of public deception and futuristic technology.

The 35-minute thriller opens with the assassination of an employee of “The Association”. Prior to his murder, his briefcase was mistaken left in the company taxi. When Matthew returns home from his job at The Association, the taxi driver gives him the briefcase – none the wiser of its real owner. Later that night, Matthew opens the briefcase and discovers a web of company secrets – the development of mind-reading technology. Already depleted by his career and the unapologetic control his employer has over society, Matthew attempts to escape with the briefcase in hand.

Hunter Kohl’s portrayal as Matthew is highly captivating from start to finish. The audience will empathize with his stuck-in-a-rut situation and the lack of appreciation from his employer. Kohl delivers an outstanding performance throughout – which will certainly keep viewers engaged. Mike Wenderlich (Director) and Brian Lattanzi (Writer) have created a spectacular short that ticks all the right cinematic boxes. A thrilling “David and Goliath” storyline. Visually, the film is beautiful shot with outstanding cinematography by Nikolas Diener. Editing, sound and music are equally commendable. Highly recommended.

The Associate Short Film


Runtime: 35 min
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