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Kevin and Winnie

A love story with a poignant twist.


Directed by George Elias, from a screenplay by John DiMarco, ‘Kevin and Winnie’ is a romantic drama film that explores the relationship of a young couple. Jordan Garcia stars as Kevin with Brenna Daly as Winnie. The short is a flourishing love story, albeit with a poignant conclusion.

The 12-minute film opens with the excitable couple on a date, prior to Kevin’s shock marriage proposal. Act 2 time-jumps to a later stage in their relationship – Kevin and Winnie are now married and have a home together. In the early hours of the morning, Winnie comes downstairs to notice Kevin in distress, where he discloses his terminal illness. A flashback of their hopes and dreams for a family, and Winnie’s tragic miscarriage – provides heart-wrenching viewing.

Jordan Garcia delivers a fine performance as Kevin, but Brenna Daly’s portrayal as Winnie steals the entire film. Daly is an actress with awesome emotional depth and an abundance of energy – highly engaging to watch. Visually, the film is beautifully shot with lovely cinematography and good quality lighting, editing and sound. High Praise to John DiMarco (Director of Photography). The narrative structure may be challenging to follow emotionally, due to the use of time-jumps, but the overriding plot delivers well. Highly recommended.

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Runtime: 12 min
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