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Writer’s Block

A comical thriller about a screenwriter’s lack of inspiration.


Written and directed by Daniel Hamby, ‘Writer’s Block’ is a short thriller film that explores a screenwriter’s vexation at his lack of inspiration for his next feature – a murder/mystery. Dre Strarks stars as Will, the central protagonist. When Will retreats to his grandmothers remote cabin, his creativity is put to the test when befriending a hitchhiker. James Self stars as Guy, the eccentric nomad. The thriller is blended with humor throughout.

The 20-minute film opens with Will toying with a scene heading on the first draft of his script. With his creative ability in deterioration, he resorts to a local café to listen to a screenwriting podcast. Guy, a hitchhiker, interrupts and provides satirical humor of which filmmakers are unfortunately accustomed to. Will subsequently takes the professional advice of “write what you know” and “get into the characters mind” too literally. The film quickly jumps into the thriller genre as Will invites Guy to crash at his cabin – albeit with false pretenses and dark motivations.

Dre Strarks’ performance is highly captivating throughout. Screenwriter’s will resonate with Will’s struggle and the exhaustion of ignorant strangers sharing their weak plots. James Self’s portrayal as Guy is extraordinary, delivering many moments of comic relief. Cinematography, production design and editing are of impeccable standard – accompanied by high quality sound and music. Daniel Hamby (Writer/Director) deserves high praise for his cinematic creation – a well-constructed short film. Highly recommended.

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Runtime: 20 min
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