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A genre-bending drama with a comical ending.


Written and directed by Andrew Ball-Shaw, ‘Overdue’ is a genre-bending drama film that stars Tom Samuel Davidson as the protagonist and Ray William Butler as the antagonist. The short is intertwined with several narrative genres throughout; drama, horror, mystery, Western and comedy.

The 3-minute film opens with our heroin commencing household activities. Whilst washing his face in the toilet, the audience witness the antagonist looming behind him. Later, whilst washing-up in the kitchen, he spots the antagonist outside the window – hand signing to his wristwatch. Haunted by the events, the antagonist appears in a Western-inspired nightmare – resulting in his murder. The film takes a comical turn at the library when the protagonist returns an overdue book. The librarian is the mysterious antagonist.

Andrew Ball-Shaw and has cast/crew have delivered an interesting film that misguides the audience from the set-up. The narrative, practically in Act 1 and 2, is deliberately designed to bombshell viewers with a humorous conclusion. Tom Samuel Davidson’s portrayal as the protagonist will keep viewers engaged. Ray William Butler’s performance as the antagonist is praiseworthy, delivering the comic relief flawlessly. Cinematography is of an acceptable standard for a low-budget production – as is the editing, sound and music. A hilarious watch.

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Runtime: 3 min
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