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A drama that explores the inmates of a correctional halfway house.


Written and directed by Derick Thomas, ‘Hotlanta’ (‘Episode 1: The Fake Out) is a short crime drama that follows the inmates of a correctional halfway house. Set in a residential street in Atlanta, Georgia, the film explores the tension between Charles and fellow roommate Rock. The short is part of a wider web-series. Omar Chandslor leads the cast as Charles, with Tha Real K.A.Y.A.S. as Rock. Roger Clay appears as the warden, Mr. Davis. ‘Hotlanta’ showcases themes of betrayal, isolation, jealousy, crime, corruption and race. A fascinating drama with captivating characters throughout.

The 37-minute film opens with Charles and Mr. Davis discussing his lengthy prison tenure and his upcoming parole. During a bawdy visiting hour, Rock’s partner slips him a cell-phone. Later, during a search of the dormitories, the warden discovers Charles’ cell-phone – but keeps tight lipped to avoid jeopardizing his parole. Rock gives Charles one of his cell-phones, which results in hostile tension over compensation. The film concludes with a startling twist to the narrative that will leave the audience second guessing.

Derick Thomas has created an exceptional web-series that takes an engrossing look into correctional life. Omar Chandslor’s portrayal as “good-guy” Charles deserves high praise. Tha Real K.A.Y.A.S delivers an equally commendable performance from start-to-finish. Cinematography, editing, music and sound are of an acceptable standard – delivering a professional finish. ‘Hotlanta’ is a gripping film that will leave viewers wanting more. Highly recommended.

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Runtime: 37 min

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