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A musical fantasy that explores a forbidden love affair.


Written and directed by Mutembo Ndeke, ‘Tazara’ is a romantic fantasy film that tells the story of Fundi and Malika and their forbidden love. Mumba Yachi stars as Fundi, a Tanzanian railway worker who falls head-over-heals for a Zambian woman (Malika) – portrayed by Zewelanji Sanga. The film, which is based on a true story, consists of a musical narrative.

The 20-minute film opens with Fundi as a young boy. Fundi is enchanted by the discovery of a toy train, of which he tressures. A time jump leads to 1973 Zambia, where Fundi is now working on the railways. Fundi is bewitched by the appearance of Malika, which leads to a blossoming, albeit restricted, love affair. Music plays a central role in ‘Tazara’, as Fundi sings from the heart throughout. The main theme is a catchy melody with the soulful tones of Mumba Yachi. As Malika falls pregnant, their love affair comes to an end. Later, their child together, with his father’s toy train in hand, sets out to find him.

Mutembo Ndeke has created a delightful film that ticks all the right narrative boxes. Highly romantic throughout with captivating and engaging characters. Cinematography and its post-production technique result in a unique visual style – which the audience may find hard to appreciate. Fortunately, the solid narrative shines through the weak visualization. Both Yachi and Sanga deliver spectacular performances. A charming film. Highly recommended.

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