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A chilling psychological horror.


Brandi Botkin delivers a chilling performance as mentally tormented Ava in this psychological horror film ‘Judge’. The 7-minute short, written and directed by J.W. Cox, rewards viewers with high suspense throughout, but the underlying theme of mental health provides the film with commendable credibility.

The narrative follows Ava, a young women haunted by her role in the death of a girl – presumedly her sister or a friend. The film opens with a sombre tone as she soaks in her bathtub, incapacitated of any happiness. Botkin’s execution of Ava is unsettling throughout as our protagonist battles with guilt and psychological torture – by hearing and seeing her victim. Vince Hobart Smith, the psychologist, gives an equally praiseworthy performance – albeit hair-raising. This therapy session is far from conventual and only advances Ava’s torment.

J.W. Cox and his cast/crew have made an exemplary short film with ‘Judge’. Impressive cinematography and soundtrack aid its success, but the score is in J.W. Cox’s writing and the subsequent performance by Brandi Botkin. The ending is a truly sobering watch that stays truthful to its core-theme. ‘Judge’ has its suspense and tensity, as expected from the horror genre, but this shouldn’t overlook it’s value. We recommend this film for its poignancy and outstanding performances.

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Runtime: 7 min
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