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Good Help Is So Hard To Find

A couples therapy session takes a shocking turn. A hysterical comedy.


Directed by Jake Isaacs and written by Steven Fisher, ‘Good Help Is So Hard To Find’ is a short comedy film that explores a disenchanted couple and their leap into relationship therapy. Steven Fisher stars as Brendan with Claire Blackwelder as Lizzie. David Salsa completes the cast as Dr. Roland Grassberger. The film is highly entertaining with jarring comic relief from start to finish.

The 8-minute comedy opens with Brendan and Lizzie in a parked car. Their romance is at the end of their tether and are about to attend their first counselling session. During the seemingly adept session, the therapist presumes Brendan has a sexual fetish for horses. The bizarre accusation is initially believed by Lizzie – which is certain to bring the audience a fit of giggles. The couple quickly realize Dr. Grassberger’s outlandishness, which provokes the therapist further. A truly hilarious watch.

Jake Issacs and Steven Fisher have created an astounding comedy – which continues as a web-series. David Salsa (Dr. Grassberger) delivers an amusing deadpan performance that will keep viewers engaged. High praise to Steven Fisher (Brenden) and Claire Blackwelder (Lizzie) – a match made in comedy heaven. Visually, the short is delivered with high quality cinematography, sound and editing. Highly recommended.

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Runtime: 8 min

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