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A poignant drama about mental health and loss.


Written and directed by Neil Crittenden, ‘Therapy’ is a short drama film that delves into one man’s mental health in the aftermath of a suicide attempt. Starring Chris Sheen as the central protagonist, Evan, the drama unfolds during a therapy session with Adrian (portrayed by Matt Townsend). Set in real time, and shot on an iPhone, the narrative explores themes of depression, loss, heartbreak and fatherhood – with a poignant narrative twist. Ella E completes the cast as Bex – Evan’s wife. In spite of the film’s low production quality, the film produces stellar performances that will keep viewers engaged with the sombre plot.

The 5-minute drama opens with Evan and his supportive wife anxiously waiting to be seen by the therapist. As the narrative unravels, it’s revealed that Evan is struggling with depression and is self-medicating with drugs and alcoholic. Without spoiling the concluding twist, the film examines the root cause of his mental trauma as he begins to open up.

The film’s drawback is within the production technically – with inadequate lighting, sound, cinematography and editing. However, low-budget smartphone filmmaking can be an uphill challenge to pursue perfection – so, Crittenden’s craftmanship deserves some praise for effort. Chris Sheen’s poignant portrayal as the dispirited protagonist is certain to keep viewers hooked until the closing credits – a riveting performance worth watching. Some viewers may expect the narrative twist, but the cast performances will definitely outshine any narrative discrepancies. A fine watch. Highly recommended.

Therapy Short Film


Runtime: 5 min

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