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A craftily constructed thriller filmed in one continuous shot.


Directed by Katz Carter, from a screenplay by Rhonnie Fordham, ‘#Fullmethod’ is a dramatic thriller that explores the extremities of method acting. Aidan Davari leads the cast as Matthew – an actor/sociopath who murders a love rival to experience the psychology of his serial killer TV character. Shane Cervantes stars as Frank – Matthew’s jealous ex-lover/friend. Additional cast include; Saige Ryan as Liz, Cara Kluver as Janet, Laura Napoli as Caroline, and Drew Hellenthan as Andrew (Liz’s boyfriend). Remarkably and with high praise, the entire 35-minute short is filmed in one continuous shot.

The thriller opens in Frank’s apartment, where Matthew and Andrew squabbling over Liz, and Matthew’s acting capabilities. Drama unfolds when Matthew hits Andrew over the head with a bottle, subsequently killing him. An anxious Frank assists Matthew by hiding the body in the ottoman – before Liz, Caroline and Janet arrive. The set-up leads to 30-minutes of suspense that will keep viewers engaged throughout. ‘#Fullmethod’ is showcased like a stage play – with Frank’s spacious apartment aiding the continuous cinematography. A craftily constructed thriller from start to finish.

Katz Carter and his cast/crew, particularly cinematographer John Ross, have created an exceptional film. Technically, the film is beautifully choreographed with outstanding Steadicam work and sound recording. The entire cast equally deliver faultless and praiseworthy performances – despite the obvious technical challenges. Highly recommended viewing.

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Runtime: 35 min
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