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Attitude for Hope

An uplifting micro-short about the importance of human kindness.


Written and directed by Almarin Fisher, ‘Attitude for Hope’ is a short drama film that centres around the despair and sorrow of current affairs in society and how it has submerged our sense of hope. With a religious undertone, the narrative explores an effortless human act of kindness in order to restore belief and positivity.

The 1-minute micro-short opens with the central character driving to a secluded jogging spot, after being overwhelmed by news from mainstream media outlets. Dispiriting topics include; school shooting massacres, the Russian invasion of Ukraine, financial market instability and COVID-19. Whilst on a light run through a secluded woodland, the protagonist accidentally bumps into a fellow jogger. Presumed confrontation is averted when the bypasser compliments the man’s t-shirt – rewarding him a renewed sense of hope.

In spite of the film’s limited runtime, the micro-short touches on a salient theme of hope and kindness that deserves high praise and acclaim. Technically, the film is of a respectable standard with quality sound and cinematography. The film acts as an awareness video to maintain goodwill and compassion in the face of soul-destroying civilisation. An endearing watch with an uplifting narrative message.



Runtime: 2 min

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