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Can You Help Me?

A witty Spanish comedy where perceptions are deceiving.


Directed by Alfredo Montesinos and Victoria Avinyo, from a screenplay by Alfredo Montesinos, ‘Can You Help Me?’ is a short comedy film that follows two women, Elena and Paula, and their pursuit for assistance from passers-by. Starring Patricia Teruel, Victoria Avinyo, Joan Montañana and Alfredo Montesinos, the film is produced in Spain and in the Spanish language (with English subtitles). The witty narrative explores misleading perceptions and criminality.

The 11-minute film opens on the street of an apartment building where a pregnant Elena and accomplice Paula attempt to stop strangers for a helping hand. A large trunk of luggage divides them. Despite initial resistance from the general public, a man with a tower of strength comes to their aid. As the man assists Paula with the trunk up to the third floor, the narrative takes a drastic gear change – as his help becomes increasingly unwanted. Without spoiling the concluding narrative, their act of “vulnerability” quickly wares off and their true intensions begin to unravel.

Under Montesino’s adept direction, the film is well crafted with commendable technicality. The narrative is whimsically comical with standout performances by the entire cast – particularly from Alfredo Montesinos (Pablo). Patricia Teruel and Victoria Avinyo deliver a captivating double act that is highly entertaining to watch. Visually, the film is nicely shot with stellar cinematography by Patricia Fornés (DOP). Sound and post-production are equally well orchestrated. ‘Can You Help Me?’ provides light entertainment through dramatic dialogue which is intensified by the unforeseen narrative climax. Highly recommended.

Can You Help Me?


Runtime: 11 min
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