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A poignant drama that delves into grief, social anxiety and isolation.


Written and directed by Nicolas Seguel, ‘Hikikomori’ is a short drama film that delves into one man’s detachment from society after the curious disappearance of his fiancée. Set in 2024, 4 years after the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, the narrative explores the protagonists enduring social and health anxiety which is intertwined with immense grief and uncertainty. Starring François Daves as Hugo, the film is produced in the French language (with English subtitles) and set in Switzerland. A poignant tale that examines the extremities of loss and social anxiety with a bittersweet conclusion.

The film’s title refers to the Japanese word for severe social withdrawal. Throughout much of the narrative, Nicolas Seguel (Writer/Director) lays out the character’s intense trauma that has left the character in a state of semi-grief – which has subsequently hit the pause button on his physical and emotional lifestyle. Despite encouragement from his online psychiatrist, Hugo maintains his stationary existence – much to the despair of his family. The narrative teases a hint of hope, as a news broadcast announces the discovery of his lost fiancée.

Seguel has crafted a remarkable narrative with stellar production value. François Daves delivers a truly extraordinary performance that is certain to bring about empathy with the viewing audience. Cinematography, post-production and sound are of a high-quality standard that promises engrossing viewing. An unmissable tale that is well deserving of praise and acclaim.



Runtime: 13 min


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