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A thriller with a twist. A short film about grief and depression.


Written and directed by Prakash Gandhi Natarajan, ‘Lights’ is a short thriller film that explores three separate characters and their grief. Sarika Avnis stars as Lavanya, a daughter grieving the passing of her mother from cancer. Lauren Sanders stars as Lisa, a sister coming to terms with the PTSD related suicide of her brother. Prakash Gandhi Natarajan (Writer/Director) also stars as Lenin, a father/husband who lost his 4-year-old twin boys and subsequently, his wife. ‘Lights’ is entirely filmed using a smartphone (iPhone).

The 12-minute film opens with a captured Lavanya in distress – she is tied up with her mouth concealed. A flashback showcases her kidnapping. Another flashback reveals Lavanya’s attendance at group counselling for bereavement, where we learn of her suffering following the passing of her cancer-stricken mother. Lisa is introduced in a similar fashion – she is equally tied up and joins Lavanya in captivity. The audience learns about her brother’s suicide during her own backstory at grief counselling. Finally, Lenin is introduced at group therapy– where he speaks about his late wife’s inability to cope following the death of their twin boys.

Prakash Gandhi Natarajan has created a touching thriller that doesn’t shy away from delving into the darkness of grief. The narrative takes a chilling twist that will certainly leave viewers with an after-thought. Albeit a low-budget production, the cast performances are acceptable, but short of praiseworthy. Visually, the use of smartphone cinematography is commendable and is delivered in good quality. The weakness in ‘Lights’ is the constant narrative displacement (multiple flashbacks) that may appear confusing and disengaging. A fine film for thriller fantastic.

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Runtime: 12 min
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