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A tense Batman thriller about criminal retribution.


Directed by Mindy Gilkerson, from a script by Joe Marotta, ‘Him’ is a short thriller film that teases the DC Comics superhero Batman. Kris Mayeshiro leads the cast as a runaway robber who returns home to face unexpected retribution from The Dark Knight. Additional cast include Devin Teer and Rob Nutall. The film explores themes of criminality, revenge and comeuppance. Viewers can expect an enthralling ride of suspense from beginning to end.

The 6-minute short opens with the breathless antagonist arriving home from a mysterious illicit activity. The viewer is teased with a handgun and a bundle of dollars, prior to a threatening incoming phone call from the criminal mastermind. With thunder and lightning brewing outside, a puzzling figure illuminates in the shadows around the interior– sparking a wave of trepidation and suspense. The man’s fate is now in the hands of Batman. A captivating watch with a startling conclusion that is guaranteed to stimulate many a Batman fan.

Gilkerson and Marotta have constructed a chilling short that relies on foreshadowing and apprehension, leaving the viewer on anxious tender-hooks throughout. Kris Mayeshiro’s performance deserves high appreciation for carrying the audience through the subtle narrative. Visually, the production is of industry standard quality with exemplary cinematography and lighting – a fine operation for a short film. Sound and post-production match that professionality. A stellar thriller worth your precious 6-minutes. Highly recommended.

Him Short Film


Runtime: 6 min

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