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A drama that explores a fragile father/daughter relationship.


Written and directed by Fareed Kairon, ‘Undertow’ is a drama film that explores a father and daughter relationship. Mark Peter Simpson carries the film as Foster – a divorced father who attempts to understand and restore the paternal bond with his grown-up daughter. Bryony Purdue voices Judy (Foster’s daughter) – an offscreen role via phone calls. Paige Heeter co-stars as Ella – an eccentric American runaway who befriends Foster in a Parisian gallery.

The 26-minute film opens with Foster, an English writer, isolated in a small studio apartment. He is in Paris to focus on his next novel. When his daughter, Judy, calls from New York, Foster is unwilling to meet Judy’s emotional needs and she hangs-up. The film centers around Foster’s self-examination and how he can build a healthy relationship with his child. Ella (Paige Heeter) is introduced as a daughter-like character, who Foster bumps into at a deserted art gallery. Ella and Foster exchange backstories, including his own paternal upbringing and her father’s suicide. Despite initial tensity, they connect – sparking a real desire to make peace with his own daughter.

Visually, the film is beautiful shot with outstanding cinematography, sound and editing. Mark Peter Simpson’s performance as Foster is truly breath-taking and will keep viewers captivated throughout. The narrative is structured perfectively, with carefully constructed dialogue and a solid protagonist (flaw, goal and resolve). Mark Peter Simpson (Foster) and Paige Heeter (Ella) are also credited as writers. Fareed Kairon and his cast/crew have delivered a touching short that doesn’t shy away from revealing character vulnerability and exploring an emotional journey.

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Runtime: 27 min

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