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Spy Tops Spy

A satire about two narcissistic spies.


Written and directed by Stash, ‘Spy Tops Spy’ is a comical parody film that follows two American spies, Diana (Jordan Tofalo) and Karl (Stash). Jordan Tofalo was also the shorts assistant director. The film explores themes of narcissism, jealousy and warfare. Albeit a farcical comedy, the film highlights important subject matters within the intelligence community.

The 3-minute film is set entirely outside and in real-time. We are introduced to Diana and Karl – two satirical characters that mimic and exaggerate spies within popular culture. The film follows their confrontation about their supreme spy status. Diana is the incumbent winner of “Agent of the Year”, which doesn’t sit easy with preceding winner Karl. The short doesn’t take itself too seriously – with low-budget special effects, cliché dialogue and overstated performances.

Visually, the cinematography is of an acceptable standard, accompanied by good quality sound and editing. Costume design is outstanding. The entire short is unapologetically facetious – which we assume is Stash’s goal. The film’s strength is within the hilarious satire. ‘Spy Tops Spy’ concludes with a catastrophic apocalypse – at the hands of the agents. The film acts as a gentle warning about the state of central intelligence agencies and their hunger for greater potency.

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Runtime: 3 min

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