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A hilarious horror film that doesn’t take itself too seriously.


Written and directed by Adam Tyler, ‘Quoggers’ is a comical sci-fi horror film that follows 4 young people who camp in the woods in the wake of an asteroid strike. A humorous short that doesn’t take itself too seriously. ‘Quoggers’ doesn’t shy away from imitating mainstream sci-fi/horror movies and poking fun at the genre. A truly hilarious watch from start to finish.

The 22-minute film opens with an asteroid on target towards Earth, before crashing in the woods. The short introduces us to Brett (Bailey Pilbeam) and Zara (Isabelle Albutt), who are making-out in the woods. Passion quickly concludes when a mysterious alien creature captures Zara and covers Brett in a gunge-like fluid. Back at camp, we see Dan (Blake Aidan) and Rachel (Jodie Bennet) playing scrabble – they soon become worried about the whereabouts of Brett and Zara. Act 2 follows Rachel and Dan’s romance – albeit intertwined with fighting off a possessed Brett and his subsequent alien incarnation.

Despite being a low-budget sci-fi horror, ‘Quoggers’ manages to keep viewers engaged with comical effects and highly entertaining characters. Cinematography, editing, music and sound is delivered with a professional finish. High praise to all the cast, particularly Blake Aidan (Dan) and Jodie Bennet (Rachel) – a match made in comedy heaven. Narratively, Tyler excels in maintaining witty humour from Act 1 until the closing credits. A very funny watch – albeit a little grotesque. Highly recommended.

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Runtime: 22 min
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