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Dissolved Girl

A touching sci-fi film about a technological war between man and machine.


Written and directed by Kai Kaldro, ‘Dissolved Girl’ is a two-hander sci-fi film that stars Alexandra Faye Sadeghian as Lenore (a human computer hacker) and Ivelaw Peters as Val (an undercover robot cop). The film explores a futuristic society that has resulted in a technological war between machine and mankind. Kaldro’s short film is packed full of emotion and thrill.

The 30-minute film opens with spectacular cinematography of Brooklyn, New York City at night. The audience is quickly introduced to Val, followed by Lenore. Lenore is self-reliant and has built a secret lair to administer her hacking/cyberpunk. Despite initial tension, Val persuades Lenore to team up to bring down an unseen antagonist – a cyber crime queen. Albeit science-fiction in genre, ‘Dissolved Girl’ doesn’t shy away from showcasing scenes of emotion – as the narrative delves into Lenore’s emotional backstory.

Visually, the production design is outstanding, accompanied with high quality cinematography and costume design. The use of rock music within the soundtrack also brings an edgy stylish feel. Narratively, the film is about two contrasting characters who overcome their divergence for a greater good. Faye Sadeghian (Lenore) and Ivelaw Peters (Val) deliver praiseworthy performances from start to finish. Highly recommended.

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Runtime: 30 min
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