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Gift of Peace

A comical drama about death, family and euthanasia.


Written and directed by Emily Rued, in her directorial debut, ‘Gift of Peace’ is a short dramedy film that explores family dynamics, death, grief and euthanasia. A comical tale that showcases sibling bickering and the humorous side of death. Awkward scenes, that will make you cringe, are entwined with heartfelt emotion. Emily Rued (Writer/Director) stars as Lauren, the self-absorbed daughter, with Peter Madison as unaspiring son, Madison. James L. Brewster appears as the emotionally unstable father, Pete. Kristine Gerolaga stars as The Nurse, with Hillary Momberger-Powers as Cecilia – the ill-stricken mother.

The 8-minute comedy opens with brother-sister squabbles – setting the tone of the narrative. As the father sits heavy-hearted, the siblings (with little empathy) attempt to organize the euthanasia date to suit their selfish needs. The next scene promises a lot of laughs as the nurse administers the euthanasia. Dramatic hysteria provides an abundance of comic relief that will certainly keep you engaged till the closing credits.

Visually, the film is of great quality with fine cinematography, editing and sound. The entire short is filmed in one location – the family home. Emily Rued and her cast/crew have created a touching short than uses humor to navigate a difficult subject matter. Highly recommended.

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Runtime: 9 min
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