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Motherhood and career dreams are intertwined in this experimental mystery.


Written and directed by Elias A. Hinojosa, ‘Lullaby’ is an experimental film that explores themes of motherhood and mental health. Zoe Wright carries the film with her captivating role as a mother with a dream. Alan Nelson co-stars and provides a humorous, albeit disturbing performance. ‘Lullaby’ is a short that shines a light on the dreams and challenges of single mothers.

The 6-minute film opens with our glamour protagonist singing on a stage. Zoe Wright’s vocal delivery is astounding – her soulful tones will keep viewers engaged. The short takes an unexpected turn as we see our main character visiting a client in a hotel room – dressed as a dominatrix. Cash is exchanged for sadistic services – “mothering” a client (Alan Nelson) who is dressed as a baby (diaper and all). The film continues with mother-and-baby role play, which certainly provides comic relief.

Elias A. Hinojosa and his cast/crew have delivered an astounding short that excels visually and narratively. Cinematography by Brittany Marsh is eye-catching and of high quality. High praise to Zoe Wright – a commendable performance from start-to-finish. The film concludes with a twist, unravelling a darker message – the unrealized dreams of single mothers. ‘Lullaby’ is an original short that deserves a lot of attention. High recommended.

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Runtime: 6 min

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