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Trapped by Betrayal

A thriller that explores the dark world of sex trafficking.


Directed by Cassian Simmons and written by Hannah Skyers, ‘Trapped by Betrayal’ is a thriller film that explores the dark world of sex trafficking. Hannah Skyers stars as Patricia, a vulnerable woman who is charmed by Lorenzo (Hugues Beguhe). The short showcase’s themes of abuse, drugs and alcohol.

The 4-minute film opens with Patricia, intoxicated, under the care of Lorenzo after meeting in a bar. Despite Lorenzo’s assurance to get her home safe, his charm and good-will was a deception. Patricia wakes up confined on a luxury boat where Lorenzo’s real intentions come to light. Cassian Simmons and writer/star Hannah Skyers have created an important film that will no doubt bring greater awareness. However, the narrative, cinematography, editing, sound and performances fail to deliver a quality finish.

‘Trapped by Betrayal’ may have a low production value, but the subject matter maintains engagement. The film acts as a warning to young woman/men, who may fall victim to the charms of a stranger whilst drunk/reckless – this is the shorts strength. Dialogue is limited throughout and fear/anxiety is hard to grasp. Clinical room lighting and the built-in camera sound make for unpleasing viewing – as does the harsh cutting with the edit. We recommend this short for its vital message.

Trapped by Betrayal Short Film


Runtime: 4 min

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