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An experimental thriller that explores isolation and mental health.


Directed by Alex Kinter and Erik Schuessler, from a screenplay by Schuessler, ‘Poolside’ is a tense experimental thriller that explores themes of isolation, loneliness, addiction and mental health. Anne Beyer stars as Meg – a 1950’s housewife who is couped up in her suburban home. Meg battles with her patience as she waits the return of her husband and children – currently away on a camping trip. ‘Poolside’ promises a flood of suspense and mystery throughout.

The 17-minute film, set around an indoor pool, opens with our protagonist swimming alone, eating breakfast and diary logging her current thoughts. Anne Beyer delivers a captivating performance as Meg – her anxiety and fear is effortlessly felt. Meg, in isolation, turns to medication and alcohol to escape her loneliness and the mysterious voices she hears around the pool. The thriller continues with a dark twist that provides a haunting, paranormal conclusion.

Visually, the cinematography and 1950’ production design is impressive – the attention to detail is commendable. Narratively, the film rewards viewers with a chilling storyline that explores mental-health and loneliness without sensationalism. ‘Poolside’ experiments with time-travel – a brave narrative journey – delivered swimmingly. Kinter and Schuessler (Directors), with the cast/crew, have created an excellent thriller that deserves high appreciation.

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Runtime: 17 min

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