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Late Night

A comical short about a drunken husband.


Written and directed by Andrew Jenson, from a screenplay by Jenson, Ben Brinton and Troy Taylor, ‘Late Night’ is a humorous short film that follows a married man’s drunken night out. The film stars Troy Taylor as the man and Kili Maile as his insufferable wife. The narrative comically explores the relationship dynamic between a drunken husband and a sober wife.

The 9-minute film opens at a bar, where an intoxicated man tries to befriend fellow bar-goers – repeatedly mentioning his marital status. Encouraged by the barman, he downs several whiskies until his behaviour becomes outlandish, if not annoying. His irritating behaviour continues when he returns home to his woken wife. The short rewards viewers with hilarity throughout – particularly in later scenes.

Troy Taylor delivers a captivating performance as the man. Kili Maile provides silent but comical delivery through facial expressions. Visually, the film is beautifully shot with outstanding cinematography and editing. Andrew Jenson and his cast/crew have created a funny film that doesn’t shy away from exploring the funny side of intoxication. Narratively, the films strength is in characterisation – the plot would be weak without humorous delivery. Musical soundtrack and sound aid the narrative. Highly recommended.

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Runtime: 9 min

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