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One Final Joke

A tense thriller that parodies Batman and the Joker.


Written and directed by Mark Haggett, ‘One Final Joke’ is a short thriller film that parodies the DC Comics character Batman. Derek Pratt stars as the Dark Knight/Bruce Wayne with Mark Haggett as the Clown Prince/Joker. Christopher Jacques completes the cast as Dick Grayson/Robin – Batman’s sidekick. The entire short is filmed in one location and explores the psychological torture of the protagonist.

The 10-minute film opens with Batman tied to a chair in an unknown location. His captor, the Clown Prince, embraces his psychopathic disposition to seek revenge for past failures in battle. The antagonist’s goal is to find the protagonists breaking point. Mark Haggett’s portrayal as the Clown Prince/Joker is highly engaging and will be a treat to loyal fans. Unfortunately, possibly due to narrative constraints, Batman and his sidekick (Dick Grayson) deliver far from captivating performances. Mark Haggett carries the film throughout – albeit with a weak plot.

Cinematography, sound and editing is of an acceptable standard aiding the tone of suspense perfectly. Narratively, the film falls short of an entertaining plot due to limited characterisation of Batman and Dick Grayson. This hero/villain tale will be a reasonable watch for fans of the franchise. Recommended for parody and thrill.

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Runtime: 10 min
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