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A black and white horror/thriller with an essence of psychological drama.


Written and directed by Mauro Carignano, ‘Exposer’ is a short horror thriller with an essence of psychological drama. Starring Josh Flitter, the film tells the story of a depressed loner who is being stalked by a mysterious masked man (Sam Ehrlich). The unknown antagonist follows him everywhere – taking photographs on a vintage photographic camera. The short is filmed almost entirely in black and white and without dialogue.

The 17-minute thriller showcases themes of mental health and addiction – with the central character battling prescription drug abuse and isolation. The antagonist is dressed all in black with his identity unknown. John Flitter performance is admirable and tastefully portrayed. Narratively, the plot appears overly long – perhaps due to non-existent character dialogue. Cinematography and lighting are captured in an experimental style; steady shots mixed with panning – aiding the effect of the character being watched. The use of black and white cinematography also helps viewers understand the darkness the protagonist is experiencing. Blood-red lighting is used occasionally during scenes of photographic development – which appears haunting, if not chilling.

Mauro Carignano’s short film can easily be misinterpreted as experimental, but the subject matter of mental health runs parallel to the technicality and style. ‘Exposer’ is a short that deserves appreciation and Flitters performance is commendable. Carignano and his cast/crew have created a dark horror/thriller that explores an important theme.

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Runtime: 18 min
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