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A Very Girl Night Stand Christmas

A charming lesbian short not just for the festive season.


Written and directed by Jenna Laurenzo, ‘A Very Girl Night Stand Christmas’ is a festive follow-up to its successful predecessor, ‘Girl Night Stand’ and ‘Girl Night Stand: Chapter 2’. The romantic comedy, which is filmed in one continuous take, follows Katie (Jenna Laurenzo) as she attempts to win back Sarah (Meryl Jones Williams). Laurenzo has pulled off a heart-warming narrative that will only bring joy and laughter to the audience.

The 5-minute comedy short opens with Katie singing ‘Silent Night’ on her guitar – outside Sarah’s family home. Jane Stiles also stars as Danielle (Sarah’s sister). ‘A Very Girl Night Stand Christmas’ gifts viewers with parcels of comedy – wrapped up in lesbian romance. Not only is the narrative captivating and engaging throughout, the performance and timing is spot on for a one-shot movie. Thanks to clever cinematography, viewers will be treated to multiple shots capturing character emotions in perfection. Rest assured – it won’t feel like a stage performance.

Jenna Laurenzo (Writer/Director/Star) and her cast/crew have created the perfect festive film that guarantees a smile or two. A praise-worthy performance by Laurenzo and Williams. Lighting, location and sound bring charm and quality – despite the entire short being filmed outside and at night. A highly recommended Christmas film.

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Runtime: 6 min
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