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House of Brotherly Love

Blood is thicker than water. A gripping dramedy about family, race and abuse.


Written and directed by Max Kane, ‘House of Brotherly Love’ explores the unconditional love between brother and sister, Jaylen (Omari Chancellor) and Breonna (Brooke Gardner). The dramatic comedy also co-stars Joey Krulock as Breonna’s abusive boyfriend. The short doesn’t shy away from showcasing race tensions and relationship violence. Max Kane and his cast/crew have delivered a gripping piece of work with outstanding performances all round.

The 18-minute film opens as the young African-American siblings, Jaylen & Breonna are having their photo taken. A time-jump sees them coming-of-age and the narrative follows Jaylen’s concern over Breonna’s white boyfriend. Joey Krulock’s portrayal as Will is captivating from start to finish. The character is heavily flawed; inappropriate and rude. During New Year celebrations, Jaylen (Omari Chancellor) witness’s Will’s abusive outburst on Breonna when she declines his sexual advances. Omari Chancellor delivers an unpredictable and thrilling performance as Jaylen – promising a shocking ending.

The cinematography, particularly during the dinner-table scenes, is striking and accompanies the narrative perfectly. Bradley Credit (Director of Photography) delivers outstanding work. The soundtrack is moving and artistic with classical inspiration towards the end. ‘House of Brotherly Love’ is a film about close family ties. Blood is thicker than water. A phenomenal short film that deserves high praise.

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Runtime: 19 min
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