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Infinite Shutter

A mind-twisting thriller that traps you in its eerie, captivating loop.


‘Infinite Shutter’ is an exhilarating mind-bender that grabs you by the collar and drags you into its dark, twisted world. Written and directed by Quay Jones, this film doesn’t just flirt with the surreal; it dives headfirst into it.

Micha L. Young stars as a night photographer whose serene stroll in the park takes a sinister turn. Young’s character snaps photo after photo until she captures something horrific – her own murder. From there, the film spirals into a relentless loop that leaves you questioning everything. Is she the hunter or the hunted? The lines blur, and you’re left on the edge of your seat, trying to piece together the puzzle.

Adrian Chen’s performance is equally compelling, adding layers of intrigue and complexity. Together they drive the narrative with a raw intensity that’s impossible to ignore. Leonardo Frias’s cinematography is well framed, with lighting that transforms a simple park into an ominous, almost otherworldly landscape –  enhancing the film’s eerie atmosphere.

The narrative is tight, with no wasted moments. Jones keeps the tension high and the pacing brisk. ‘Infinite Shutter’ is a journey into the unknown that challenges your perceptions and leaves you wanting more. It stands out as a bold, original work that pushes the boundaries of the genre. Don’t miss it.

Infinite Shutter Short Film


Runtime: 2 min
Genre: ,

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