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An intimate portrait of longing and desire.


Sasha Korbut’s gay-themed short film, ‘Incomplete’,  co-written with Peter Wortmann, is a poignant exploration of longing, yearning, and desire, enveloping the viewer in a sensual and romantic narrative. Pontus Lidberg delivers a breathtaking performance as a lonely, isolated gay man who yearns for a romance that has yet to materialize – “a nostalgia for a romance that never happened”. His portrayal is magnetic, captivating viewers as he wanders through New York City, observing people with an aching desire and imagining connections with them.

The film, narrated by Cory Michael Smith, is given an additional layer of depth and emotion through his soulful and heartfelt voice. Smith’s narration is the perfect complement to Lidberg’s visual storytelling, creating a poignant and immersive experience.

The cinematography by Jonathas Nazareth is spectacular. The shot composition is exceptional, adding to the film’s intimate and poetic quality. Nazareth’s work is a fine example of how cinematography can elevate a film, making it not just visually stunning but also emotionally resonant.

Korbut has created a film that is both heartbreaking and hopeful, capturing the universal longing for romantic connection. The expressive movements and dance sequences further enhance the film’s emotional impact, adding a layer of beauty and grace to the narrative.

‘Incomplete’ is a moving, touching, and beautifully crafted piece of film that you won’t forget in a hurry. Korbut’s and Wortmann’s writing, Lidberg’s performance, and Smith’s narration come together to create a truly unforgettable watch. Highly recommended viewing.

Incomplete Gay Short Film


Runtime: 16 min
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