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Mars exalté

In a bold and risqué exploration, a man’s erotic dream intertwines with the urban landscape.


Jean-Sébastien Chauvin’s experimental film explores erotic dreams and urban solitude. Starring Alain Garcia Vergara, and set against the nocturnal backdrop of a French cityscape, this bold cinematic piece dives headfirst into the psyche of a man whose sensual dreamlife is interwoven with the stark imagery of the world outside his window.

Vergara, in his complete nudity, becomes a vulnerable yet powerful figure, embodying raw desire and intimate yearning. Maxime Berger’s cinematography captures the essence of sensuality and stillness. The camera lingers on close-ups of Vergara’s body, creating a poetic symphony of skin and shadows that is as unrelenting as it is deeply moving.

The film’s structure, devoid of dialogue, relies heavily on the ambient sounds of the protagonist’s deep, rhythmic breathing. This auditory intimacy draws viewers into a trance-like state, making each breath a bridge between the viewer and Vergara’s dreamscape. The erotic charge is palpable, with explicit imagery that pushes boundaries and challenges conventions, making no apologies for its boldness.

Geared towards a gay audience, this film does more than just titillate; it captivates and engages on a profound level. Chauvin’s daring approach, combined with Berger’s intimate cinematography, crafts a film that is not just seen, but felt. It’s a brave, unapologetically explicit exploration of desire and solitude, making it a standout piece in queer cinema.

Mars exalté Gay Short Film


Runtime: 18 min

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