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The Cube

A heartwarming blend of sci-fi and queer romance that rewinds time with charm and wit.


In Andrés García’s imaginative creation, ‘The Cube’, the intersection of sci-fi and human vulnerability unfolds with delightful charm. The protagonist, Josh, portrayed with endearing clumsiness by Santiago Batista, stumbles into a unique predicament: a Rubik’s Cube that grants him the ability to rewind time. This quirky twist sets the stage for a Grindr date gone awry, where Josh’s nervous energy manifests in a series of comical mishaps, ingeniously reset by his newfound power.

Batista’s performance is a praiseworthy, balancing Josh’s awkward charm with a genuine exploration of anxiety and self-acceptance. Opposite him, Leandro Stephan as his unsuspecting date complements the narrative with a blend of curiosity and magnetism. García’s script cleverly weaves themes of acceptance and the inevitability of mishaps, emphasizing that embracing imperfections is part of everyday life.

The film takes an unexpected turn as glitches in Josh’s time-traveling escapades hint at deeper, unexplored dimensions, adding layers of intrigue to the narrative. Wu Wei’s cinematography enhances the story’s intimacy, capturing both the vulnerability of Josh’s journey and the burgeoning connection between the characters.

‘The Cube’ is not just a sci-fi experiment but a poignant exploration of queer identity and the universal struggle with self-doubt. García’s direction ensures that every frame serves a purpose, from its well-crafted visuals to the heartfelt performances. Ultimately, this short film stands out as a gem in its genre, blending heartfelt storytelling with a refreshingly inventive premise.

The Cube Gay Short Film


Runtime: 9 min
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