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A riveting mystery that delves into the fragile nature of memory and identity.


In Al Chang’s latest short film, ‘Home’, viewers are drawn into a labyrinthine mystery that hinges on a twist-ending so pivotal it demands silence from spoilers. Theresa Bome Kim’s riveting portrayal of Seo-Won, the central protagonist, anchors this poignant, unnerving journey through a sea of memories. At first, the narrative seems a tangled web, purposefully designed to disorient the audience. But persistence pays off: the confusion is not only intentional but crucial to understanding the depth of Chang’s storytelling.

Kim’s performance is skilled in subtlety and emotional nuance, making Seo-Won’s journey through her own mind deeply compelling. Her portrayal captures the quiet desperation and resilience of a woman grappling with her past, pulling viewers into her world with an intensity that is both moving and unsettling.

The film’s production values are exceptional, with Roger Lee’s cinematography painting each frame with a haunting beauty that complements the story’s emotional weight. Yeakun Yoo’s musical score further elevates the film – enhancing the narrative’s poignant and heart-wrenching moments.

Chang’s deliberate narrative confusion finds its resolution in a climax that is as heartbreaking as it is illuminating. The realization of why he leads the audience through such a convoluted path makes the journey worthwhile, revealing a profound commentary on memory and identity.

Home Short Film


Runtime: 15 min
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