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A Bronx Story

A portrait of everyday gay love and intimacy, captured with raw authenticity and silent eloquence.


‘A Bronx Story’, directed by Gabriel Peña and Bell Soto, is a strikingly intimate gay-themed love story that challenges conventional filmmaking with its audacious simplicity and raw authenticity. Starring Rayly Aquino and Alexis De la Rosa, the film eschews dialogue entirely, instead immersing the audience in a fly-on-the-wall experience of two Dominican lovers’ lives in the Bronx.

The absence of spoken words in ‘A Bronx Story’ is not a void but a canvas painted with the rich textures of everyday existence. We observe the lovers’ routines, their tender moments, and their unguarded intimacy, all captured with meticulous, high-quality cinematography. Every frame showcases the beauty found in the mundane, the art of the ordinary, and the profound connection between two people.

Aquino and De la Rosa’s performances are understated yet powerful. They embody their characters with a natural ease that makes their relationship feel palpably real. Their chemistry is undeniable, their intimacy unapologetic. The sex scenes and nudity are tastefully done, serving to enhance the genuine portrayal of their bond rather than merely titillate.

The live-action sound design, featuring the ambient noises of the Bronx, adds an additional layer of realism, grounding the film in its urban setting. The slow pace may be challenging for some, but for those willing to surrender to its rhythm, ‘A Bronx Story’ offers a deeply moving experience.

This short film is not about grand narratives or dramatic twists; it’s about love in its purest form – raw, unfiltered, and beautifully human. A must-see for those who appreciate cinema that dares to be different.

A Bronx Story Gay Short Film


Runtime: 20 min
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